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Valentine’s Day is only round the corner. Saint Valentine’s Day may be a traditional holiday that happens to get on 14th February per annum. Typically, lovers celebrate it by exchanging a giving to every other weather it had been within the sort of a flower bouquet or chocolate the choices are endless. Homemade Valentines are one among the simplest since they’re made amorously suitable all year round.

Unique homemade Valentine card design ideas are an excellent thanks to show your loved ones what proportion you look after them. Valentine’s Day is yet one more excuse for card-making enthusiasts to urge crafting, design ideas that you use or improve upon. Most of those unique homemade Valentine card design ideas are easy to form; beginners will love these.

Traditionally we wont to do Valentine cards exchange by the old fashioned way… and since Valentine’s Day is filled with expectations, why not send it out via ‘snail mail’ as a change and as an excellent thanks to feeling a way of the Day. I think it’s a beautiful idea, especially since lately we don’t even get invitations within the mail anymore, much less Valentine’s Day card– show your unique appreciation and love; what an excellent thanks to embracing a tradition!

Here’s a touch list of 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the techno-geeks intended to form it easy for you to require your pick:

1. Affinity Designer

Touted to be the fastest, smoothest, most distinct vector graphic design software, Affinity Designer is yet one more fascinating gift for your techno-freak designers, this Valentine’s Day. This magnificent software offers everything to form things leisurely for designers from Icon Design to UI Design and far more. This innovative, reliable software intuitively combines creative vector art with flexible layer management and a vast range of top quality raster tools for solid finishing. Affordably priced at just $39 and full of a variety of beautiful functionalities, Affinity Designer makes it easy to know why it’s so hit amongst designers from across the world.

2. Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

An ultimate gift for digital design artists, Artist Brush & Stylus by Sensu may be a smart techno-gadget that gives authentic painting experience on tablet or smartphone devices. Providing a real-life brush control, this device proves to be the most uncomplicated friend of all careful craftsmen who understand and consider the subtle properties of hair taper, flexibility, and strength when drawing. Besides, it comes full of a second standard stylus nib to use, giving designers more choice and adaptability. Over the highest, this device is out there for just $40. Now, that’s one whale of a deal for you, this Valentine!

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3. 3Doodler

So, you are feeling drawing is that the other obsession of your designer lover beside you? Why not gift him/her the fantastic, new 3Doodler? It’s a futuristic tool that helps designers make their 3D imaginations breathe to life relatively quickly. Designers around the globe so want no wonder, this world’s first-ever 3D printing pen. And if you thought you’d need to spend an arm and a leg to grab this, you’re wrong! It’s available at only $99. So gift this amazing 3Doodler to your lover this Valentine and allow them to plunge headfirst into the ocean of creativity with inspiring 3D designs.

4. Wacom Intuous Pen

Yet another beautiful gift for your gadget-freak designer beau, The Wacom Intuous makes it easy for designers to draw and paint their imaginations on canvas. Most designers will agree that drawing employing a mouse is just too daunting a task. And this is often where this amazing graphics tablet comes into play. With Wacom Intuous, creating digital doodles, illustrations and lettering are more natural than one would ever imagine. Quite naturally, it tops the must-have lists of most aspiring and seasoned designers who wish to tap the window of creative possibilities. Priced at around $79, Wacom Intuous maybe a gadget worth its price!

5. Moleskine Smart Notebook

A perfect Valentine’s Day gift, the Moleskine Smart Notebook is sure to form your lover fall head over heels crazy with you. This unique notebook turns the otherwise complex, creative process of designing into easy to follow steps. It allows designers to show hand-drawn sketches into fully workable vector SVG digital files during a jiffy. Using unique markings on the page and affordable price ranging from $24.95, Moleskine Smart Notebook, the Moleskine Smart Notebook makes it easy for designers to tap the creative extremes without sweating it out.

So that’s our carefully handpicked list of Valentine’s Day gifts for the techno-freak designers. Allow us to know within the comments below about your Valentine’s Day gift idea for the gadget-savvy designers in your life.

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